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Empowered Marriage

"The Power of Change is within you."

Mar 30, 2023

Are you always running to your partner for help?

If a text or call doesn’t come in, you worry and you think something is wrong.

If you answered yes, you could perhaps be the pursuer.


The pursuer will frequently seek togetherness, quality time, attention, and affection from their partner. However, the distancer...

Mar 15, 2023

Do you find yourself doing the same thing like:

  • Overworking
  • Not making yourself a priority
  • Spending too much money
  • Staying in an unhealthy relationship
  • Drinking too much


A lot of people want to change but find themselves doing the same thing over and over again.  If this has been your cycle, you are...

Mar 2, 2023

Do you feel like you’re being taken for granted?

Your way down the list in your partner's priorities?

You can’t remember the last time you had quality time together.


You could be running on autopilot.


A marriage on autopilot is predictable, stale and loses spark and desire.

The moment you hit autopilot in your...