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Empowered Marriage

"The Power of Change is within you."

Dec 30, 2020

Healing after betrayal/infidelity is painful and hard work.  This requires vulnerability and this cannot occur without the offending partner’s continual expression of remorse.

Reflecting on the experience is especially important to re-establish confidence in the relationship.

It's easy for the offending person to assume that if they have said sorry once, then they've taken responsibility and the debt is enough and let's just park it. It is not enough. I can assure you to apologise one time and then expect the conversation to be over is not going to work.

3 Specific steps are required before you can leave the past behind you. Having open and honest conversations about how you both want to move forward into a new phase of your relationship can begin once you have done your hard work. Designing a vision of your future together and how you want it to be, and touch on both the short-term and long-term goals is a special milestone once you have rebuilt trust.