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Empowered Marriage

"The Power of Change is within you."

Jul 30, 2020

Many people live with baggage, events that have happened in their lives, and never come to peace with them. You've not had closure, healing, and acceptance. You have not processed the emotional component of events that have occurred in your life, particularly when you were younger. You then get triggered easily in...

Jul 16, 2020

As you can imagine it is difficult for a marriage to go long term without communication and effective assertive communication.  In time you will feel lonely, distant, and disconnected.

It’s crucial to make your relationship a priority and put the necessary work and commitment into your marriage/relationship.  Research...

Jul 2, 2020

Here are some reasons you may avoid confrontation

  • Your family of origin did not do confrontation
  • Your fear of disapproval and rejection
  • You are a martyr; you sacrifice yourself for others and more…

Part of self-love is listening to yourself all the time. It involves listening to yourself and noticing within yourself...