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Empowered Marriage

"The Power of Change is within you."

Dec 15, 2021

Did you know that sex encourages intimacy? Orgasms release oxytocin which is a feel-good bonding hormone. Sex helps you feel closer to your partner.
Checking in with each other, connections, kindness and understanding that a healthy sex life takes constant commitment.
A disinterested intimate life...

Dec 1, 2021

In a relationship, your partner can trigger you and push all your buttons and show you what you need to heal. “I feel trapped, caged, controlled and stifled”, is an opportunity to stop blaming and being a victim.

It’s very easy to blame for the limitations in your life. Your partner can be the strongest resource...

Nov 17, 2021

So many of us neglect ourselves, reject ourselves, put ourselves way down in the pecking order. I get it, it’s extremely challenging to balance all the moving parts of your life and having specific roles often takes first place. 

We look outside of ourselves to seek what we internally need and particularly from our...

Nov 4, 2021

The biggest breakup to relationships is the bickering and the disconnect.  Your impatience, annoyance, and intolerance of your partner break down the communication and connection.

Freeing yourself from your arguing and fighting takes time and energy. Uncovering the needs and expectations you bring to...

Oct 21, 2021

“I will be happy when I have the cash and the new man.  Let’s also add in the new career, new wardrobe and the flash car.”

Is this you?

You are highly charged, reactive and swing like a pendulum according to the outside triggers.

This is a tough way to live life and a lot of us live like this.  Safety, security...