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Empowered Marriage

"The Power of Change is within you."

Nov 17, 2021

So many of us neglect ourselves, reject ourselves, put ourselves way down in the pecking order. I get it, it’s extremely challenging to balance all the moving parts of your life and having specific roles often takes first place. 

We look outside of ourselves to seek what we internally need and particularly from our partner. An example, if you need to be needed you will rescue your partner, you will look for a partner that needs rescuing. For example, an alcoholic, they're irresponsible, you responsible.

Find out the 3 Important questions to ask yourself to discover when you started looking outside of yourself to find you're good enough.

Relationships that are healthy and go long term are because each person in the relationship chooses love for themselves first.  They know their self-care is self-love. Finding you, marrying you first is the key to a healthy empowered marriage.