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Empowered Marriage

"The Power of Change is within you."

Jul 14, 2021

You’re not being heard, validated, perhaps you feel invisible and not important, and you feel resentment.

These feelings begin to multiply and if they haven't been dealt with at the time resentment begins to build. 

Feelings under resentment can include anger, sadness, doubt, grief and many more emotions.

Getting to a place where you can learn to let go of the feelings and the resentment and instead feel gratitude, peacefulness and compassion is the pathway to an empowered marriage. I have a simple self-empowering exercise that helps you process what you are feeling at the time so it doesn’t build up.

Choosing to let go of resentment in your marriage is a choice. It sets you free to live in the present with peacefulness and calmness.