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Empowered Marriage

"The Power of Change is within you."

Mar 30, 2022

You want to trust yourself more and your intuition. You know you are intuitive and when you let go of your to-do list and you’ve stopped you are happy, but this is fleeting and short-lived.

You’re wanting more me time, time to pursue your own hobbies and interests.

Tired of the heavy energy, heavy weight and the light has gone out. You are unhappy and act like you are happy. A fraud and feeling unauthentic and just playing a role. Your partner is happy when you are happy, so you try for your partner's sake. You're no longer attracted to your partner and sex is a chore and a tick off the to-do list and this will keep your partner happy for a while. 

You have fears of hurting your long-term partner by being honest. 

The key to living peacefully is developing your self-esteem which is absolutely crucial for a peaceful inner world. You trust your inner self, you are constantly developing your self-esteem, you will listen to yourself, the most important person in your world. You understand there is no rejection only the rejection you do to yourself.

“Abandoning our inner knowing is the real trauma.  We begin to second-guess our inner wisdom and doubt our judgement.” - Dr Shefali

Some great honest takeaways are where you can live a more empowered life in your empowered marriage.




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